From the farm to your freezer

At Sum Good, our mission is to create a fruit-first hydrating freezie with no nonsense ingredients - a product that we’re proud to feed our own and to share with others. Pressed fruit is always our first ingredient, which we combine with a blend of electrolytes to create freezies that are not only delicious but hydrating too.  Plus, our products never contain any dyes, added sugars or natural flavouring.

They’re all natural, from the farm to your freezer. 

Our Flavours From Locally Sourced Ingredients

We believe in supporting local. We only use fruit grown by Canadian farmers, which are carefully crafted with electrolytes.

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Our Electrolyte Promise

Our unique blend of electrolytes contains potassium and East Coast sea salt. With a 5 to 1 ratio of potassium to sodium, Sum Good freezies are both low in sodium and high in electrolytes (versus leading hydration brands with a 1 to 3 ratio). Together, paired with pressed fruit, this adds up to a fruit-first freezie that hydrates and tastes great too.

  • “I, at my best, try to limit the sugar content in my house and I love that it's Canadian fruit, which is helping Canadian farmers.”

  • “We all grew up enjoying freezies and still love them all these years later. I like that it’s focused on the family as a whole, and not just the kids!”

  • “I like seeing sodium and potassium in the ingredients as those are the electrolytes promised for hydration!”

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The Sum Good Difference

Fruit is the 1st ingredient


Significant fruit benefits

No sugar alcohols

6g sugar/serving

No dyes

No added “natural flavours”